Spotlight: Adapting to the Consequences of Climate Change

lawrence_gary_aecom1.721yn0bbzns4wow0ccgckss4c.5r15frdicg4kos40gwk400wsw.thGary Lawrence, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President, AECOM Technology Corp., discusses the path forward in adapting to a changing world in his Jan. 30 post in Environmental Leader, the daily energy and sustainability trade publication for corporate executives. In “Adapting to the Consequences of Climate Change,” Lawrence stresses that it is time for leaders to take concrete action to help society adapt to increasing resource constraints and our already damaged natural systems:

We need to recognize what science is telling us, that we are using up all the slack in the system, that the resources we need to produce all the goods and services that ensure progress no longer have the capacity to keep on giving.

Lawrence also mentions the work of GAIN in its efforts helping communities adapt:

This group [GAIN] of public and private leaders and scientists has taken the pragmatic view that, as tragic as it may be, climate change is a reality and mitigation efforts alone will not solve this problem.

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