Belarus dignitary impressed by GAIN Index

Visiting GAINFormer Prime Minister of Belarus Stanislaw Shushkevich met with Global Adaptation Institute CEO Juan José Daboub at the GAIN offices in Washington, DC, March 28 to discuss adaptation issues in his native country, as well as in neighboring countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. The GAIN Index was presented to him and he expressed his appreciation for the relevance and quality of the work.

”As a professor and former Head of State, I wish a tool like the GAIN Index would have been available when I was in government in order to understand adaptation in Belarus and neighboring countries better,” Shushkevich said.

Dr. Shushkevich served as the first leader of Belarus and Head of State after the dissolution of the Soviet Union from 1991-1994. Shushkevich, a Belarusian Scientist prior to his leadership role in the country, participated in a discussion led by GAIN Associate Davis Cherry about the urgent need to take actions to reduce vulnerabilities and increase readiness.

Shushkevich discussed with GAIN the trajectories of the Baltic and Former Soviet Union countries in terms of resilience building. Climate change and urbanization were major areas of interest. Since the mid-90s, most countries in this region have improved their GAIN Index score. See for more information.


Photo above: From left, Dr. Juan José Daboub, founding CEO; Former Prime Minister of Bealrus Dr. Stanislaw Shushkevich; his wife Irina Shushkevich; and Fredo Arias-King, Mexican businessman and founder of the academic quarterly Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization

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