WEF on Latin America to Look at Adaptation

Achieving Inclusive Economic Growth - World Economic Forum on Latin America 2011

The World Economic Forum on Latin America took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. This year’s WEF on Latin America will be held in Puerto Vallarta, México, April 16-18.

Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) Chief Scientist Dr. Ian Noble will showcase how the GAIN Index illuminates progress in Central and South America at the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Puerto Vallarta, México, April 16-18. Decision makers at the event will assess Latin America’s outlook on tackling adaptation and other global challenges.

GAIN strives to “measure what matters.” This means identifying solutions to raise the awareness about the urgency to adapt to population growth, urbanization and the effects of climate change. With consultation from scientists around the world, the GAIN Index (index.gain.org) was created as a navigation tool to help decision makers prioritize adaptation investments in their countries to promote accountability.

As an example, the WEF on Latin America host country, México, ranks 60 in the GAIN Index in comparison to other countries in its readiness and vulnerability to adapt to climate change. It shows a positive adaptation trend based on data compiled during the past 15 years. In comparison to other Latin American countries, México is in the top half of countries prepared to deal with climate change (readiness) and the top half of countries with the least vulnerability. This means that adaptation challenges still exist, but that countries such as México – those in the lower, right quadrant of the Readiness Matrix (see México graph) – require the least amount of help in adapting to climate change, urbanization and population growth.

Mexico Readiness Matrix

WEF on Latin America will address the region’s role and contribution to the governance of the global economy, the creation of innovative models for a sustainable future and the improvement of capabilities for a regional transformation. For more information, see the WEF website.

Visit gain.org for news about progress in adaptation.

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