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Dr. Juan José Daboub, Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) Founding CEO

GAIN Founding CEO Juan José Daboub spoke to more than 70 youth on April 18 at the 2012 International Solidarity Forum (ISF) at the United Nations and World Youth Alliance headquarters in New York.

With the growth of the digital generation comes connectivity on the Web – especially with the world’s young people. The ninth annual ISF was strongly represented by the digital youth in its following on social medial platforms such as Twitter.

Their voice, technology expertise and drive to help the world’s most vulnerable can change the future for the better through practical solutions in adaptation to climate change, population growth and urbanization.

Currently, the global youth population has grown to more than half of the world’s population of 7 billion people, according to the United Nation’s Global Youth Help Desk. Not only that, but 85 percent of the world’s young people live in developing countries where the most adaptation solutions are needed. With this in mind, their voice is stronger than ever and determined to make a difference.

Participants were welcomed to follow the conversation online Twitter with the hashtags #SustainableDevelopment and #WYAISF – some, including WYA’s President François Jacob, tweeted about Dr. Daboub’s presentation on adaptation, “Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection”.

@francoisjacob tweeted live at the event:

“Each human being is able to produce more than it consumes if it is free. Adaptation is essential. J. Daboub #SustainableDevelopment.”

“Juan José Daboub #WYAISF “People and politicians can make a difference.” El Salvador got investment grade in six years after war and dictature.”

Youth participants tweeted the Readiness Matrix and commented on the points in Dr. Daboub’s presentation – specifically about human freedom and capacity for production versus consumption.

Readiness Matrix tweet

Other presenters included Nicholas Eberstadt, National Board of Asian Research Senior Adviser and Harvard School of Public Health Visiting Committee Member and World Economic Forum Global Leadership Council Member; Steve Goreham, Climate Science Coalition of America Executive Director; and Andreas Widmer, Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship, SEVEN Fund Cofounder.

The International Solidarity Forum (ISF) is the World Youth Alliance’s annual training event. Hosted at the United Nations in New York, the ISF brings together WYA members from each of the five regions, international advisors to the World Youth Alliance and members of the UN diplomatic community. Each ISF examines particular themes of global importance through lectures, workshops, and cultural activities. ISF 2012 | Sustainable Development: The Priority of Persons examined the centrality of the human person in achieving human development, particularly in relation to the idea of sustainable development. For more information on the U.N.’s overarching theme visit the World Youth Alliance event website.

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