Noble presents GAIN Index “Down Under”


Dr. Ian Noble, GAIN Chief Scientist

GAIN Chief Scientist Dr. Ian Noble traveled to his country of origin, Australia, to participate in their national adaptation discussion. Australia is a leading country in the world in terms of its focus on the urgent need to adapt to climate change, urbanization and population growth, Dr. Noble said. 

Australia’s National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) hosted their annual conference in Melbourne June 26-28. This year’s conference highlighted what information will be needed to ensure Australia continues adapting to climate change.

The 2012 Climate Adaptation in Action Conference showcased the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making across Australia including a presentation in which Dr. Noble presented the GAIN Index. Event participants included people from private sector, researchers and decision makers. 

Australia, a highly developed country with the world’s thirteenth largest economy and the world’s sixth largest per capita income, is ranked fourth in the GAIN Index. It is located in the Green Quadrant of the Readiness Matrix, which means that it is in the quadrant that is least vulnerable and most ready to adapt. Specifically, it is the 24th least vulnerable country and the second most ready to absorb investment in adaptation compared to the 161 countries ranked in the GAIN Index.

"The adaptation focus in Australia is strong," Dr. Noble said. "It is promising to see how well the country has adopted adaptation into practice. Our policymakers, scientists and business people continue to spread this urgent message worldwide."

GAIN Index, Australia


Melbourne, Australia