Spotlight: Tropical Storms Saola, Damrey Hit Asia

Typhoons Saola and Damrey

Tropical Storms Saola, Damrey (photo courtesy of NASA, Creative Commons)

Tropical Storm Saola

Twenty-six people were killed, and more than 120 rescued after heavy rain and flooding occurred near the Filipino cities of Valenzuela and Malabon. Approximately 1.5 feet of rain fell on the Philippines during Tropical Storm Saola June 2.

The tropical storm reached the coast of Taiwan – population 23 million – and poured 5.6 feet of rain on the mountain town of Taipingshan. The storm has killed five people and left two missing. It made landfall 350 miles south of Shanghai Aug. 2.

The Category 2 storm sustained winds of 96-110 mph winds.

Tropical Storm Damrey

Typhoon Damrey, a Category 1, hit 150 miles north of Shanghai. It marks the tenth typhoon of the year.

Building resilience around the world to save lives and protect livelihoods is urgent. To help guide investments in adaptation, the Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) created the GAIN Index. It measures a country’s vulnerability and readiness to adapt to global challenges such as tropical storms, which can cause flooding, mudslides and other destruction. 

The GAIN Index shows that in the Philippines, where 26 people were killed in the storm, approximately 8 percent of the country’s land is less than 10 meters above sea level and approximately 18 percent of the country’s population is living in that area and are at greater risk in an event such as Tropical Storm Saola. In China where five people were killed in the storm, approximately 2 percent of landmass is less than 10 meters above sea level and 11 percent of China’s population lives in that area. 

See the GAIN Index profiles for the China and the Philippines. Visit for the latest news in adaptation.