American’s Food Waste Leads to Freshwater Depletion

Don't Waste Food

(Photo courtesy Sean Ganann, Creative Commons)

U.S. citizens are unnecessarily stressing the country’s water resources and significantly increasing greenhouse gas emissions through food waste – totaling $165 billion USD per year, according to a recent Natural Resources Defense Council report

The report assesses food waste from all angles of the supply chain, but the majority occurs in American homes where 25 percent is thrown away.

Food waste not only contributes to heightening resource challenges, but may also increase vulnerability and add stress to the U.S.’ infrastructure and power grid because of the energy used in agriculture that is essentially wasted when food is discarded.

Food prices will increase globally while availability may decrease this year due to the U.S. drought, which will adversely affect countries that import food from the U.S.  Around the world, agricultural markets have been affected by 2012’s natural events including floods and tropical storms that are crippling farmers’ crop yields.

Learn more about the U.S. food score during the past 15 years from the GAIN Index, a navigation tool to help prioritize investments in adaptation to climate change, urbanization, population growth and other global challenges. 

Read more HERE about food waste in a story from CNN. You can find the full NRDC report HERE.