GAIN Welcomes Index Feedback, Hosts Open Consultation Meeting

GAIN Index 2012 - Open Consultation

View the Open Consultation documents: 

GAIN Index 2012 Summary of Changes

GAIN Index 2012 Comparisons Spreadsheet

The Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) is currently hosting an international Open Consultation before the release of the GAIN Index 2012 on October 15 at Princeton University. This consultation reflects GAIN’s commitment to updating the Index each year to incorporate new or revised data and advice on methodological, design and communications improvements.

The GAIN Index ( is a navigation tool to help guide investments in adaptation and assess a country’s vulnerability and readiness to adapt to global challenges such as population growth, urbanization and climate change.

In support of this endeavor, GAIN hosted an Annual Meeting & Scientific Convening in May; consultations with scientists including GAIN Council of Scientific Advisors with members from Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, India, Mexico, United States and Uruguay; and now an Open Consultation meeting in Washington, D.C. By the time the GAIN Index 2012 is launched, several will have participated including the Honorable José María Aznar, former President of Spain and GAIN Advisory Council Chairman, members of the private sector, scientific community and other NGOs in discussions about the formation of the Index and new Country Rankings

“Since release of the GAIN Index one year ago, we have presented it in six continents and to dozens of business leaders, think tanks, government agencies and academic institutions,” said GAIN Founding CEO Dr. Juan José Daboub. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive and along the way GAIN has gladly accepted suggestions to enhance the power of the Index.”

The Institute particularly seeks input on the incorporation of two new indicator sets, ecosystem services and urbanization. Ecosystem services are the multitude of ecological processes that humans rely upon to support their lives and livelihoods, providing food and clean water, natural disaster protection and nutrient cycling. Understanding urbanization is key to effective adaptation as many of the challenges humanity faces from population growth and climate change will take place in cities.

“The Institute highly values the viewpoints and concerns of all stakeholders,” said Dr. Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño, GAIN Director of Science & Technology. “We will consider every suggestion received and constructive ideas will be incorporated into the GAIN Index.”

The process began August 25. To submit comments on the GAIN Index 2012, please first view the GAIN Index 2012 Summary of Changes and the GAIN Index 2012 Comparisons Spreadsheet. Email any feedback or questions to Dr. Sánchez-Andrade Nuño at

Thank you for your consideration of this important Open Consultation process that will help to save lives and improve livelihoods through adaptation.