PSI: Company enhances energy resilience on Indian Island

ankur copyBy: Tim Hill, GAIN

The Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) is featuring a five-part series on dissecting the United Nation’s Private Sector Initiative, as well as zooming-in on private sector best practices in adaptation. Read other articles to learn more about water, food & agriculture, coastal protection and energy companies who have found business opportunities in building global resilience, HERE.

Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies has been helping businesses, communities and individuals across Asia increase their energy resilience since 1986. Ankur, based out of India, is a manufacturing company that produces biomass gasifiar systems that run on local biomass, using either rice husks or wood. These biomass gasifier systems cost less relative to liquid fuel and can increase energy security by utilizing, efficiently, local energy resources.

One example of Ankur’s accomplishments is installing a gasifier system that has provided uninterrupted electrification for 11 years for 800 households on an island in India’s northern Suderbans region. Due to its success, policy-makers now require that 10,000 km covering surrounding communites be powered solely by biomass gasifiers, in addition to solar photovoltaic cells.

Why is this important for adaptation?

For one, this new policy allows gasifier users to decrease or eliminate their dependence on liquid fuels, which exhibit volatile prices. Further, the island and its people no longer have to depend on the mainland as a source for electricity and liquid fuel supplies, which can often be cut off during storms. Local electrification makes the island community more self-sufficient by providing consistent electricity and decreasing their vulnerability to strong storms and/or natural disasters which are likely to increase with climate change.

Ankur has provided a great example of how a private sector innovation can help communities become more resilient by sustainably utilizing their own resources. If you would like to read the whole report from the Private Sector Initiative database please click HERE.

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