DevEx Pings GAIN Index Rankings in Review of Afghanistan’s Overall Vulnerability

091026-A-6473S-002In a recent Devex article, the GAIN Index was quoted to help show how Afghanistan is a highly vulnerable country, especially when it comes to its agriculture sector. Devex, works to connect the global development community through promoting career opportunities and related news. 

According to the the Devex article, ”The U.N. Environment Programme will implement a $6 million climate initiative the Afghan government launched October 11. The initiative is the first of its kind in the largely agricultural-dependent country, according to the UNEP. Afghanistan, whose major source of livelihood is agriculture, was among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to the Global Adaptation Institute’s ranking in 2011.” 


The Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) has been flagged to several examples of how the GAIN Index is of value to organizations in the private and public sector for resilience planning and more. To learn about the organizations using the GAIN Index visit and read more about this year’s annual update HERE 

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