UNFCCC “The Adaptation Exchange” Highlights GAIN Index 2012 Unveiling

By: Tim Hill, GAIN

UNFCCC's The Adaptation ExchangeThe GAIN Index 2012 unveiling was featured in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s “The Adaptation Exchange” blog on Facebook in advance of the release at Princeton University on October 15.

Recently, the Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) ran a five-part series on the U.N.’s Private Sector Initiative (PSI). The PSI series featured best practices in adaptation within the private sector. Going forward, significant investment ($30-100 billion per year) will be needed to adapt to the global challenges of urbanization, resource depletion, climate change, population shifts and more. In the series, four companies leading the way were featured. Each one of the companies dealt one of GAIN’s original focus sectors: water, energy, food & agriculture and coastal protection.

The GAIN Index 2012 added two new sector sets – ecosystem services and human habitat.

The four companies highlighted in the series are as follows: Unilever for their adaptation to water scarcity in the western world; Ankur for its groundbreaking energy techniques for dependent lands; PepsiCo for its adaptation efforts towards precision farming and supply chain protection techniques in India; and finally, URS for its engineering expertise on climate protection for critical highway systems. 

The private sector is incrementally extending outreach and understanding of the urgent need to adapt to global challenges, but more investment is needed. Companies must look to the future and determine best practices that protect people and livelihoods as well as offer opportunities in business. Thanks to Unilever for making an impact on communities and sharing adaptation efforts on the U.N.’s Private Sector Initiative.