Reuters AlertNet: “Index aims to guide adaptation investment”

Hurricane Sandy took off the face of this buildingReuters AlertNet released the article “Index aims to guide adaptation investment,” which highlights the Global Adaptation Institute’s (GAIN) annual update of its open-source, open-data tool – the GAIN Index.

Adaptation investment is urgent and needed globally to help build resilience to natural events such as the recent Hurricane and Tropical Storm Sandy, climate change, population shifts, resource scarcity and other challenges. 

In the article, GAIN Founding CEO Dr. Juan José Daboub notes that US$30-$100 billion in adaptation investment will be required annually for developing countries alone to save lives and improve livelihoods, and the private sector must be a major part of the solution.

Daboub said that the leaders of countries most affected by climate change support investment to defend against it, but are unable to raise the necessary capital, even though “the problems are already in front of us.”

-Reuters article by Jon Christianson

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Photo courtesy: ccho (Creative Commons)