UK Government Asks Businesses, Communities to Prepare for Change

The Pulteney Bridge, Bath with the River Avon in flood.

The United Kingdom’s Environment Agency wants businesses to proactively engage in building resilience as recently-released data shows 2012 was an extreme year for weather in Britain. Last year, flooding occurred one in every five days and drought conditions were experience one in every four across Britain according to new analysis

The Environment Agency chairman, Lord Chris Smith, noted that farmers and businesses were often unable to withdraw water for their operations due to water withdrawal bans and stated that “taking action today to prepare and adapt homes, businesses, agricultural practices and infrastructure is vital.” 

The government is also predicting that Britain could experience severe droughts every 10 years this century. 

While the UK is one of the most resilient countries in the world according to the GAIN Index, its overall resilience is declining, slightly, as economic problems persist and agricultural security weakens.