GAIN brings private sector perspective to global adaptation conference

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Dr. Ian Noble, GAIN Chief Scientist, speaks during the first day of the Adaptation Futures Conference

More than 750 researchers and policy makers from around the world attended the 2012 International Conference on Climate Adaptation “Adaptation Futures” May 29 to 31 in Tucson, Arizona, with several participants from the private sector. Others included 380 public agencies, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions from 59 countries. GAIN Chief Scientist Dr. Ian Noble and Director of Science & Technology Dr. Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño brought the private sector perspective to the table in conference discussions.

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3.5 Million Global Youth Will Help World Adapt : World Youth Alliance


Dr. Juan José Daboub, Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) Founding CEO

GAIN Founding CEO Juan José Daboub spoke to more than 70 youth on April 18 at the 2012 International Solidarity Forum (ISF) at the United Nations and World Youth Alliance headquarters in New York.

With the growth of the digital generation comes connectivity on the Web – especially with the world’s young people. The ninth annual ISF was strongly represented by the digital youth in its following on social medial platforms such as Twitter.

Their voice, technology expertise and drive to help the world’s most vulnerable can change the future for the better through practical solutions in adaptation to climate change, population growth and urbanization.

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How to Avert a Food Crisis : New America Foundation

Market in Kédougou, Sénégal (West Africa)

A market in Kedougou, Senegal (West Africa)

Scientists and agriculture experts discussed the future of global food supply at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., April 12.

The participants in a panel titled “How to Avert a Food Crisis” analyzed adaptation challenges around farming techniques and existing infrastructure in a changing climate.

Indigenous populations have been implementing adaptation techniques to sustain their farming cultures for hundreds of years, said Panelist Ed Carr, Qualitative Social Scientist and Author of Delivering Development: Globalization’s Shoreline and the Road to a Sustainable Future.  

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GAIN Chief Scientist Addresses Business Conference : Bonn, Germany

Distinguished leaders from around the world gather in Bonn, Germany, several times each year to discuss solutions to climate change challenges. 


Dr. Ian Noble, GAIN Chief Scientist, presents on the GAIN Index. 

Rising steadily, along with climate change challenges, is the call to focus on adaptation.

Bonn, Germany

In March, GAIN Chief Scientist Ian Noble presented the keynote address, “Global Mapping of Adaptation to Climate Change,” at a conference with other leading scientists in Bonn, Germany.

“Adaptation to Climate Change – A Case for Business?” was organized by the City of Bonn and GIZ, a German development agency working on sustainability challenges. Approximately 100 attendees gathered to help create an adaptation initiative for the European Union.

“It was an excellent forum with a diversity of business interest represented and plenty of opportunities to discuss the conference theme,” Noble said. “As a whole, we must continue to educate about adaptation to climate change.”

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WEF on Latin America to Look at Adaptation

Achieving Inclusive Economic Growth - World Economic Forum on Latin America 2011

The World Economic Forum on Latin America took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. This year’s WEF on Latin America will be held in Puerto Vallarta, México, April 16-18.

Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) Chief Scientist Dr. Ian Noble will showcase how the GAIN Index illuminates progress in Central and South America at the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Puerto Vallarta, México, April 16-18. Decision makers at the event will assess Latin America’s outlook on tackling adaptation and other global challenges.

GAIN strives to “measure what matters.” This means identifying solutions to raise the awareness about the urgency to adapt to population growth, urbanization and the effects of climate change. With consultation from scientists around the world, the GAIN Index ( was created as a navigation tool to help decision makers prioritize adaptation investments in their countries to promote accountability.

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