Water Challenges in China Spur Investment Opportunities

Investments in China’s water sector grow as resource challenges loom.

Irrigation LinesChina’s minister of water resources, Chen Lei, warned that “water shortages and water-related disasters are becoming more and more serious, due to rising populations, advanced urbanization and global climate change.” These comments, made in a March 9 interview with China Daily, come as Lei prepares for the 6th World Water Forum, from March 12-17, in Marseille, France. Here, China and the European Union plan to agree to work together on building capacity and business ties in the water sector.

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Adaptation Progress in Africa

LIsten to Obiageli Ezekwesili, World Bank Vice President for the Africa Region discuss climate challenges as well as opportunities for the continent of Africa.

Dan Bena on Nature of Business

dbenaListen to PepsiCo Senior Director of Sustainability Dan Bena’s overview of PepsiCo’s major sustainability initiatives on Nature of Business radio. PepsiCo is undertaking a variety of initiatives and partnerships strengthening adaptation in the agriculture and water sectors.

Dan Bena was kind enough to send a “shout out” to GAIN during the interview.

Dan Bena interview by chrissycoughlin

Bena also has a new book out Sustain-Ability.

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